Monday, 13 September 2010

This weeks most wanted items...

If only i had the money to buy everything I want, I eventually got my boots - see my last wishlist post - but now i want more.

The apple of my eye this week are these two jackets. The first by Topshop, the Gros Grain Soft Jacket is £65. It fits like a dream and seems to me like the ultimate power dressing item. Plus, it doubles up as a shirt. Two items rolled into one, bargain i'd say!

The second jacket is by Whistles and costs more at £125 but, oh my, it is so beautiful. The silhouette it creates is un-parralled by any other. The more time that passes, the more i feel the magnetic pull of the jacket pulling me back. Navy blue, with gold button detailing and the perfect amount off padded shoulder, you could almost describe it as nautical. It could be worn dressed up or down, with flats or heels, jeans or tights. I'm sure you get my point...

I may go and have another look at these beauties tomorrow, try them on, and make a grown-up, responsible decision about them! 

(images: Left, Right,

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